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Maximize the success of your manufacturing operations with Systematic Business Consulting’s exceptional talent solutions. As a top provider of direct placement services in the manufacturing industry, we have a successful history of delivering top manufacturing talent to plants across the United States. Our thorough screening process, combined with our extensive network, guarantees that only the most skilled and fitting candidates are paired with your business, allowing you to focus on driving growth and success. Reap the benefits of a high-performing workforce with our expertise and commitment to excellence.

As a Inc 5000 company and a leading specialist in the search and direct placement of manufacturing talent, our team of skilled recruiters has a record of placing candidates in over 3,000 companies. Our efficient process leverages a US-based sourcing team to quickly identify the top pool of candidates, and our deep understanding of the manufacturing and service tech industries, along with our comprehensive database of candidates, enables us to pinpoint the perfect fit for your business. Enhance your operations today by contacting us to learn more or visit our LinkedIn for some of the latest jobs.

Our Areas Of Manufacturing Expertise

As the demand for manufacturing talent and service technician professionals increases, our growth has skyrocketed. We attract companies that realize the value of high-quality hiring and understand the need to adapt their strategies for finding top talent in today’s workforce. Our success is evident in the long-term partnerships we have established with our clients and their continued expansion of our services to fulfill their evolving needs. Whether you are a company searching for confidential talent or a professional seeking your next challenge, we offer tailored solutions to help you reach your goals.

Maximize your success with SBC’s top-notch Engineering Recruitment services. Our seasoned recruiters bring a wealth of industry knowledge and a vast network of top-notch candidates and organizations to the table. Our focus on the perfect candidate-company match extends beyond just qualifications and experience, to include a fit with your company culture and long-term goals. With SBC as your partner, you’ll have a competitive edge in accessing the best specialized Engineering manufacturing talent and career opportunities across the US. Don’t settle for anything less – partner with us today!

Unlock the full potential of your manufacturing operations with the expert support of Systematic Business Consulting. Our team of highly skilled specialists take pride in everything they do, from their professional presentation to their commitment to building positive relationships with clients and each other. As experts in the manufacturing industry and manufacturing talent, we understand the critical role that non-technical positions play in ensuring seamless business operations. Whether you need administrative support, marketing assistance, or human resources expertise, our experienced team has the knowledge and skills to help you succeed.

At SBC, our recruiters boast technical expertise that enables them to comprehend your requirements and assess candidates accordingly. Our President is the founder of one of the largest technician recruitment firms globally, giving us a vast network and the ability to respond quickly to your needs. The high demand for skilled professionals such as Industrial Electricians, Maintenance Techs, Electro-Mechanical technicians, CNC Machinists, CMM operators, Field Service Techs, and Quality Techs reflects a growing industry that we expect to continue to thrive. Let us find you the best in manufacturing talent!

Optimizing your budget while keeping costs under control is a crucial challenge for any operations or logistics leader. Let our expert team find cost-effective solutions tailored to your business requirements and production objectives. Reach out to us to discover how we can support you in achieving your goals of hiring top manufacturing talent.

We Have Recruiting Teams That Specialize In The Following Areas:

Metal Manufacturing

With comprehensive experience in all aspects of metal manufacturing, from casting to forging, cutting, bending, stamping, and fabrication, we are experts in the field. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry enables us to identify the professional skills and traits needed for success, and our extensive network helps us find the right talent for you. By partnering with us, you can take advantage of our expertise and enhance your reputation and profitability through the addition of top-performing metal manufacturing professionals to your team.

Heavy and Industrial Equipment

At SBC, we stand out as the leading provider of Manufacturing Maintenance Technician and Equipment/Crane Technician placements in the US. Our talented team of recruiters has made more direct hires in this field than any other company. Our expert search group has a deep understanding of both mechanical and electrical systems, ensuring that we deliver only the most highly qualified candidates for your needs.

Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing

We are experts in filling roles for all areas of Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing! From rotational, injection and blow molding to extrusion and polymer casting, we have the expertise to find the ideal personnel for your company. With deep industry knowledge and a vast network of candidates, we guarantee to provide you with the most knowledgeable and experienced talent to bolster your team. Let us put our resources to work for you and help you build a top-performing team.

Paper Products Division

With the pulp and paper industry being one of the largest in the world, its growth continues to thrive. Our team of seasoned recruiters is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help you find top-notch manufacturing talent at all levels, including Lead Press Operators, Gluer Operators and Technicians, Engineers, and Managers. We understand the unique demands of your industry and have a deep understanding of what it takes to find the right talent to fuel your growth, whether you’re in pulp and paper manufacturing, corrugated box production, or packaging design.

Electrical Controls and Electronic Equipment

Our Semiconductor and Automation division is a unique blend of technical expertise and industry knowledge, encompassing the entire production process from start to finish. Our recruiters are well-versed in sourcing top talent for roles such as PLC programming, chip production, cable manufacturing, and field service installation. With a seasoned background in the electrical service sector, our president founded one of the most successful and rapidly growing companies in the US semiconductor industry. Partner with us for access to the most talented and skilled professionals in the field.

Medical Device

Our medical device and products manufacturing division is a leader in this rapidly growing industry. We have a team of seasoned recruiters with extensive experience in every aspect of medical device and products manufacturing. From plastic tubes, syringes, and metal surgical instruments, to disposable PPE, we are equipped to quickly identify and place highly qualified candidates to meet your hiring needs.

Food Production

With extensive experience in the food industry, we specialize in recruiting top talent for food production, processing, and packaging. Whether it’s meat processing or soda bottling, we have a dedicated team of recruiters who have a deep understanding of the industry and its demands. Our recruiters are equipped to help you find highly skilled professionals with food production expertise to fill even the toughest of positions. Partner with us for access to top-notch food industry manufacturing talent.

Industrial Machinery, Tools and Dies

Many years ago when our company started recruiting in Metal Manufacturing, we quickly learned all about Tooling and expanded our client base from in-house tool & die, to all Tool & Die Shops and then further expanded to all Industrial Machinery Manufacturing companies.   Whether you are looking for Maintenance or Field Service Techs, Machinists, Tool & Die Makers, Engineers, Supervisors or Managers, we know where and how to find these highly skilled and difficult to find candidates.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry is a thriving global and domestic manufacturing sector. Our team of experienced recruiters covers a wide range of positions, from laboratory and maintenance technicians to engineers and managers, to support the growth and success of all subsectors in the industry, from basic chemicals and consumer products to vaccines and prescription drugs. We have the expertise to find qualified candidates for both common and specialized roles, helping your business and community achieve long-term growth.